Located at 108A East Main Street, Boswell, IN. 


The Town Hall handles all billing of town services as well as houses the Police Department and Community Center.

The Town Hall's normal hours are from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday with the exception of government holidays.



The Water Department provides drinkable water as well as fire protection water for the Town of Boswell and surrounding areas.  

The new pump house and treatment center on Old US 41 provides areas for testing and maintenance of the water system.  


Waste water and sewage is managed in house by the Town Waste Water Treatment Plant located across US Highway 41.  The incoming waste water is processed and returned to the environment. 


The Town of Boswell maintains all roadways within town limits and removes snow and debris in the roadways as needed.  


The Boswell Fire Department is served by 25 volunteer members and utilizes 5 different apparatus to protect the Town of Boswell and surrounding Grant Township areas.  


The Boswell Police Department is staffed by a full time Marshal and two part time Deputy Marshals.  


The department is tasked with enforcing state codes as well as local ordinances.  

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